What does a singer have to offer, after more than 30 years in Gospel music?

Naturally, experience comes to mind. But after 30-plus years, there is also an intense passion to share the good news of the Gospel through music, and to communicate his life journey with Jesus in song and testimony.

Mike Franklin began his musical pursuits in his early teens, and began to narrow his focus to Southern Gospel music in the 1980’s. Mike is best known for his many years with Gerald Williams and The Melody Boys Quartet. He has also performed in various trios, as a soloist, and in a God and Country multi-media program. Mike’s many years of experience has yielded a unique perspective and viewpoint of his calling.

Well known in Gospel music for his clear, distinctive tenor voice, keen interpretation of a song, and sense of humor, Mike has entertained and blessed fans all across America. Mike is also a skilled emcee, who tastefully combines his natural comedic skills to entertain, while bringing a clear and poignant presentation of the Gospel.

Whether performing for a few dozen or a few thousand, Mike’s enthusiastic presentation remains the same.

Mike proudly served his country through a decorated career in the United States Air Force, which adds “veteran” to his many other mantles as son, brother, husband, father, and grandfather. His own life experiences have taught him to see through the eyes of those he is privileged to sing for…and it shows.

“I still find it amazing that my Heavenly Father has given me the desires of my heart…in my family, my life’s work, and a mansion just over the hilltop because of what His Son did for me. I’ve truly lived a lifetime of love…and so can you!”