3 Project USB Thumb Drive

3 Project USB Thumb Drive Description

All Songs from Volume One, Volume Two and Volume Three projects

Volume One

  1. What A Beautiful Day
  2. Jesus Built a Bridge
  3. Something
  4. We Shall See Heaven Someday
  5. Reasons
  6. Looking Ahead
  7. God’s Great
  8. Glory Bound
  9. Calvary’s Hill
  10. There’s Still A Cross

Volume Two

  1. Battle Stand
  2. The Rock
  3. We’re Going Home
  4. He’ll Never Let Go of My Hand
  5. Wherever You Are
  6. Mended Wings
  7. I Go To The Rock
  8. Halllelujah Side
  9. He Left No Stone Unturned
  10. Saved By Grace
  11. I Feel Like Running

Volume Three

  1. I Shall Know Him
  2. When My Feet Touch The Streets of Gold
  3. I Could Sing About Heaven
  4. When I Hear Thunder
  5. I’m Living In Canaan Now
  6. Hide Thou Me
  7. I’m Going There
  8. In God We Still Trust
  9. Master Of The Sea
  10. Borrowed and Barely Used Tomb
  11. When Morning Sweeps The Eastern Sky

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